Hillary Clinton, Rob Astorino March In Memorial Day Parade in Chappaqua

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CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- Downtown Chappaqua was busy on Monday morning for the Town of New Castle’s Memorial Day parade, with throngs of onlookers gathering for the festivities that included two of the state's leading political figures marching.

Former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator (and prominent resident) Hillary Clinton, who was on hand as one of the marchers, attracted attention in the way of cheering from attendees, including encouragement about her political future. When a man before the parade voiced his support and repeatedly shouted "run!" Clinton replied that she was going to "walk, walk, walk" in the parade.

Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino marched alongside Clinton.

The possibility of a 2016 presidential bid from Clinton is a big topic among national media outlets and pundits. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was unavailable due to a scheduling conflict.

Local and regional elected officials were among those marching, including  members of the New Castle Town Board, Chappaqua school board, state Assemblyman David Buchwald and county Board of Legislators Chair Michael Kaplowitz. An array of local groups was in the lineup, including the Chappaqua Rotary, scouts and a group from the Chappaqua Library.

New Castle police and a color guard were among the first marchers in the parade, which began on Route 117, went down the King Street hill and ended in front of the Chappaqua train station.

Once the parade stopped in the plaza by the station, there were renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner,” “Amazing Grace” and a performance of taps. The Town of New Castle also received a collective honor, being declared a Purple Heart Town by a presenter.

The biggest event of the remembrances, however, was the dedication of the nearby Route 120 bridge in honor of a fallen soldier, Army Staff Sgt. Kyu H. Chay, who was killed by an explosion in Afghanistan in 2006.

A photo gallery of the parade is included in this report.

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I write with some anxiety concerning the celebration of Memorial Day. You see, my brother was a United States Marine who was killed in Vietnam in 1967; I was sixteen years old at the time. I am much older, but think of my brother many times throughout the year. Like many I commemorate the holiday, but not with whistles and banners, for I feel it is a somber holiday, one that should be remembered with reflection and serious thought. I watched two movies this Memorial Day, “We Were Soldiers,” with Mel Gibson about Vietnam and “The Sullivan Brothers” about World War II and the five brothers who were killed in the Pacific. I could not stop the tears which fell from my eyes and wonder about the last minutes or seconds of my brother’s life and why as Americans we do not hold this time with more reverence. I guess Ms. Clinton, whose husband ran away to Oxford to avoid the draft, has shown the disdain she holds for our miitary, who voted to cut benefits for our VA as a Senator; why is she marching in a Memorial Parade, not with her husband the sex maniac - well I will leave it up to you to decide...

And, they were together! Hilary could be President so that could be something for those who waved her on.

I was concerned last Memorial Day that the appearance of the Clintons seemed to overshadow the veterans that we were honoring. Everyone gathered around them at the conclusion of the event and veterans were standing alone with no photo ops. The headline of the story again this year is about the appearance of local politicians and the veterans are not mentioned in the coverage until the last paragraph which was one sentence long.

Strange Bedfellows.

ack-the only thing worse than Ass-torino as Governor would be Hillary as the Prez-God help us all

Good lord the Clinton's make me ill!