Hastings American Legion Post Seeks Members In Fight To Survive

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American Legion Veterans like these at a recent Veterans breakfast in Hastings, are being recruited to join the local American Legion post. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. - The American Legion post in Hastings-on-Hudson has put out a call to U.S. military veterans who may want to become members in an effort to save the local chapter.

Commander Jose Rodriguez of Admiral Farragut Post 1195, with an assist from the Hastings Department of Recreation in recruiting new members, is welcoming all those who wish to join the post, which is on Farragut Avenue.

"The American Legion is in need of new members and funding," said Bryan Healy, Hastings Recreation Department assistant. "The Legion has been notified by the national legion that if the membership is not increased, (Hastings Post) is going to be forced to merge ir close."

Those who served during a wartime era, and are not a member of the American Legion, are being asked to  join what has become the world's largest and most Influential veterans service organization.

If you are not eligible to join, but would still like to help out, the American Legion is accepting donations.

For information on joining the American Legion, contact Healy or Lisa O'Reilly at recreation@hastingsgov.org or call 478-2380.

Make checks payable to Admiral Farragut Post 1195 and mail to: Recreation Dept., 7 Maple Ave., Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10706.

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This is so sad. Hastings is such a shell of what it once was. Tarrytown is thriving due to it's diversity - Hastings talks the talk, with no interest in walking the walk, with little or nothing in common with a true village. 45 Main street destroyed HOH's signature view of the palisades, the village board heralds BP, take a look at the Union town scoreboard, artificial turf will soon ruin Reynolds field. Artificial turf for the most arrogant lost artificial people in all the rivertowns.
God bless Julie Chemka and the old guard, Hastings on Hudson is as diverse as its people, and you're wondering why store fronts are empty?

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