Greenburgh's Skovron Inspires Networking Workshop For College Students

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Greenburgh's Elizabeth Skovron has inspired a Town of Greenburgh workshop that will help college students and graduates find jobs and internships
Greenburgh's Elizabeth Skovron has inspired a Town of Greenburgh workshop that will help college students and graduates find jobs and internships Photo Credit: Contributed/Elizabeh Skovron

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Elizabeth Skovron is not one to sit by and wait for the world to come to her, so the Greenburgh resident and University of Albany senior met with town leaders to help college students and graduates find jobs.

Moved to action by the dearth of internships and jobs, the honors student initiated a meeting with Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Greenburgh Town Clerk Judith Beville for help.

"It's not easy for college graduates to find jobs these days," Skovron said. "Due to this prevalent issue, I'm making it my job to gather innovative college students and graduates who are ambitious, curious and here to make it."

Due to her incentive, a networking event will be held on Tuesday, July 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Greenburgh Town Hall for purposes of networking. Skovron said the goal of the meeting was to find ways to help herself and her peers that are struggling to find employment or an internship in the tough job market.

Skovron and guest speakers are providing insight and welcoming others to share their ideas to brainstorm how college students and graduates can create more despite the tough job market.

According to Skovron, the  program will offer an opportunity to discuss several questions facing students and graduates:

• How do I transition from college to the professional world?

• Will I be able to find a meaningful job after college?
• Will I have to be financially dependent on my parents after college?
• How will I make enough money to support myself?
• How can I put my knowledge, interests, and passion into a job if there is limited availability for jobs?

College students or recent graduates interested in participating in this initiative should email Skovron at

"Please encourage those who are optimistic and ready to find ways to transition from college to the professional world during the tough market to attend this event," Skovron said. "If you want more exposure and experience, come join me."

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Now here's another stunt encouraged by Feiner for the purpose of showing voters that despite his lack of management skills, he can still get re-elected by faithfully following the six degrees of separation template. Each college student has a parent(s) and other family members…all of which have friends and neighbors who in turn have families, friends and neighbors…all of whom will think what a caring and responsive to all needs both the Town Supervisor and the Town Clerk are (the two being elected officials) finding themselves in increasingly dangerous waters should voters ever get wise to their misdeeds.

Feiner, especially, wants to forget that tax bill in facing Greenburgh property owners is higher because he incurred a $5,500,000 (uninsured portion) due bill paid by taxpayers when he lost the Fortress Bible lawsuit (and Appeal) for denying a Church of its Constitutional rights. And, for this piece of good news, Mr. Feiner and Ms. Beville received raises.

Feiner, especially, wants to forget the 108 affordable housing units on the Westchester Community College campus which have remained vacant due to HIS decision not to extend the sub-lease with tenant, WestHELP, a revenue stream that brought relief to taxpayers in the amount of $1,200,000 a year ($12,000,000 over its 10 years) but $0 when their sub-lease ended in September 2011. Ever since, the property has remained vacant and deteriorating (mold, peeling paint, missing fixtures) while Feiner has "tried" to lease it to entities lacking rent money or for uses not permitted by the terms of the Town's master lease with Westchester County (the owner).

Feiner, especially, wants taxpayers to forget that the higher and higher water rates charged by his Water Department are due to mismanagement and inefficiencies within and NOT due to the cost of water charged by NYC which sells water to Greenburgh. The most recent Greenburgh increase brings the cost to its users up to $5.25 while the most recent NYC increase brings the price charged Greenburgh up to….$1.50. Both Greenburgh and NYC are in the same business and subject to the same costs: payroll, capital costs and infrastructure repair and I suspect that NYC (5 boroughs AND bringing the water to Greenburgh's door) is responsible for maintaining a great many more miles of piping than are located solely within that portion of Greenburgh which it serves.

But as far as this latest fling (above) bringing newspaper mentions, here there and everywhere, reduces to Feiner spending his waking hours in self-promotion and distraction (running the Town for the benefit of individual, gullible voters rather than taxpayers who pay the piper) and will conclude with another ream of Certificates of Appreciation conspicuously distributed.

Regarding this latest scam, what is so new about grads seeking jobs that it needs a stunt so that area graduates will have what amounts to an opportunity to "mix" however in an alcohol or drug free environment after a day at the pool.

How shocking is it to find out that college students who have been through years of schooling to prepare themselves for this moment yet presumably have just woken up to the fact that they must still be hired by employers if they want to receive a paycheck? And while newer generations have found extensive employment in a new industry, internet businesses, these same internet business were purposed specifically to do away with this very old school approach of filling a room with live warm bodies to commensurate face to face rather than utilize the new order social and job hunting media available to them. Instead, what is proposed as this new vision for "networking" comes down to the timeworn social interaction known on college campuses everywhere as a "mixer".

Yes, Ms. Skovron has found a way to help herself and by cleverly hitching her star to Feiner's coat tails she has found an ally who will spend taxpayer paid time and resources to promote what she was shrewd enough to seek: her passport out of Greenburgh. But to suggest that college graduates are unaware of the world that awaited them post 'cap and gown' is simply an admission that her generation has not been in residence on Earth for the past 8 years or two cycles of college enrollment. All of the itemized talking points in the story reduce to one thing: grads need jobs. And reading the Daily Voices online compendium of jobs is not encouraging for those parents and their offspring who have invested in college curriculums.

Unless there are employers ready to hand out jobs at this meet and greet the unemployed, the only ones making hay while the sun isn't shining are Feiner, Beville and the sharpest light in the dim bunch, Ms.Skovron.