Greenburgh Board Approves Employee Background Checks Policy

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The Greenburgh Town Board approved a new background check policy for all town employees.
The Greenburgh Town Board approved a new background check policy for all town employees. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously approved a policy requiring strict background checks for all new full- and part-time employees Monday.

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner issued a detailed statement via Facebook and the town's webpage  concerning the new policy requires background screening for all part time available and seasonal employees ages 18 years and older, and all future full-time employees of the Town.

"We've been discussing this for about a year," Feiner said. "We did background checks in the past for higher ranking employees. Now this will include everyone going forward."

The policy says that, "Prior to an offer of employment, the candidate’s application will be sent to the contractor selected by the Town to perform a criminal background check.

"The background screening shall include but not be limited to Social Security Verification – This verifies the applicant’s name against the social security number provided. This helps to eliminate the possibility of false names and/or information." the policy states.

The list of background check data bases includes Sex Offender Registry and the National Criminal Database among its sources.

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Comments (2)

Publicity Stunt Only! This will have the tiniest positive effect possible as it's purposely ignoring the real problem... employees currently on payroll. As mentioned above Feiner has personally hand picked staff that would fail his new standard. Though this empty gesture is the tip of the iceberg regarding the vast problems with personal mis-management in the Town. There exists a wide standard in accountability within the Town. The highest paid staff sign in with the so called " honor system" while another section of the work force use a costly hand scanner to monitor their work time. Why the huge difference in trust between people who work side by side? Does this system help or hut moral? Does it encourage teamwork? Mostly importantly, is the public best served by such a system? Funny that Feiner demanded that Country Executive punch in while he and at least a third of Feiner's workforce do not. Another case of say one thing, do another.

This is certainly not a bad idea. However, background checks should be conducted for those who volunteer on behalf of the Town - planning boards, zoning boards, any and all advisory boards, etc. Feiner appointed a cronie to be his "deputy" supervisor - someone he knew had a felony conviction for fraud. This person actually oversees the Town's budget, has access to any and all financial files and records and interacts with town employees and the pubilc alike. He should never have been appointed to this position. Yes, he served his prison time but a known felon would not be able to sit for a civil service exam, why should this person be treated any differently? Either the background checks are conducted for any person who works for the town, regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer - otherwise the Town should move on which would be a mistake.