Greenburgh High School Assistant Principal Arrested On Larceny Charges

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Woodlands High School assistant principal Frank Gluberman is facing grand larceny charges.
Woodlands High School assistant principal Frank Gluberman is facing grand larceny charges. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Greenburgh Police Department

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Frank Gluberman, assistant principal at Woodlands High School in Hartsdale, was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree grand larceny after allegedly stealing more than $770,000 over a six-year period, according to Greenburgh police.

Gluberman is also the former Treasurer of the Greenburgh Teacher's Federation (GTF) and the Greenburgh Teacher’s Welfare Fund.

The GTF Welfare Fund receives taxpayer money, which is negotiated by the GTF, to pay for benefits such as dental, optical, legal services, for school teachers and administrators of the school district.

Over a period of seven years, from 2006 to 2013, Gluberman allegedly wrote checks to himself from the Greenburgh Teacher’s Fund checking account and GTF Welfare Fund totaling $778,995, police said.

Gluberman also allegedly forged the signature of the president of the GTF, as he needed dual signature authorization to make payments, according to police.

The checks allegedly written by the defendant were to himself, his two daughters and to pay property taxes on two homes that he owns, officials said.

The alleged larceny came to light in September 2012, when Gluberman was promoted to Assistant Principal and had to relinquish his position at the treasurer of the union funds.

Teachers union President Judie Mirra oversees the 360 member union.

“We, obviously, are deeply troubled by what has occurred,” Mirra said. “Once we suspected questionable transactions, we swiftly took steps to gather and examine records and notify the proper authorities, including law enforcement and the district attorney’s office. We also sought assistance from other experts. The work to determine exactly what happened, and the scope of the apparent misuse of funds, is still in progress.”

“We immediately put into place stronger internal controls to ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again,” she said.

Gluberman, who has been in his current position as vice principal for two years, has worked with the district for almost 30 years and was a teacher at the school and a business administrator for the Greenburgh district. He has served as the welfare-fund administrator since the 1980s.

Gluberman previously taught math and business at North Rockland High School and was an adjunct professor at Rockland Community College.

Greenburgh police and the District Attorney’s office were contacted and initiated an investigation.

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Comments (7)

With Ronald Ross as the Superintendent of Greenburgh Schools, there will be much more "grand larceny", in more ways than one.

What I find funny is that everyone has something to say when they see this something negative if someone was above him also overseeing what he does then how come it took 7 years to make any connections look I dont know the guy but Ive read he has alot of student and faculty support so the guy cant be the p.o.s people are making him out to be. Since when do we live in a society that your guilty until proven innocent since when does someone who steals is facing more time then someone who kills the laws in this country need to be updated and the time needs to fit the crime. Just remember no facts have unfolded yet and just cause cops and the D.A office make statements doesnt make it fact or fiction it makes in an opion til all facts come out now here is a question I have if he has been working for this school for 30 years I belive he wouldnt owe a 530000 morgage on a home he may have lived in for 30 years keep an open mind if he infact did this he should pay back the money he took and retire and be watched on probation or some shit jail is not the place for anyone besides drug dealers rapist and murders even I was stolen from I just want whats mine no matter what happens this guy is allover the news and media so let the law work the way the law should work fair just my opion

Looks like such a nice guy. What's with Greenburgh in the first place? Time it's incorporated with other villages. This place has been nothing but a money pit since it's inception. Who needs it or Feiner. Enough is enough.

As an alum of the school, I feel this is an outrage to its reputation and our teachers. Those pretty houses should be sold and whatever else to recoup the funds.

Tax payer money !! The highest per student tax in the state. With only 350 children in the high school. I wonder how many families DO NOT use this "wonderful district". Your reporters should do a story on that.

Asst. Principle? Stealing from his coworkers and residents of the district.... Go figure!

what reporters?

How do people like this think it will never be noticed. amazing idiocy