Metro-North Improves On-Time Performance, But Still Falls Short Of Goal

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Metro-North was able to improve its on-time ratings in the month of June, but ultimately fell just short of its goal, according to a recent report. 

All three lines of Metro-North combined to be on-time (within 5 minutes and 59 seconds of the scheduled arrival time) 92.5 percent of the time. It helped improve the overall annual percentage to 91.0 percent. Metro-North's overall goal is to be on-time 93 percent of the time over the course of the year. 

Of the three lines, the Hudson Line fared the worst in June, arriving on time 90.1 percent of the time. The goal for the Hudson Line is to have 94 percent of trains arrive within 6 minutes of scheduled arrival times. 

The New Haven Line fell just short of the goal with 91.5 percent of trains running on time with a goal of 92 percent, but only 85.5 percent of peak trains. 

The Harlem Line was the only one of the three to exceed expectations for June with nearly 96 percent of all trains running on time against a goal of 94 percent. 

On the year, the Harlem line has been on time 93,7 percent of the time while the Hudson and New Haven Lines have been on time 91.3 and 88.7 percent, respectively. 

The report is part of the monthly Metro-North Railroad Committee report you can read here.

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Comments (3)

What?, MetroNorth's time performance has worsened. We have been paying, for over 6 months, extra money to our daycare because Metro North has been consistently late. Where do you get your metrics?, who measures them?, it's a complete lie and as the previous posters state, a joke! I can only imagine the strapped families who are docked for tardiness to work, and the ones who cannot afford to pay more money to babysitters...because MetroNorth is consistenly late...we should all charge MetroNorth back the money we're docked and the extra we have to pay. And for crying out loud, clean the seats already! The head-rests have what seem to be decades of dirt built up, I fear what new type of bacteria is being formed on the seats as a result, the CDC would have a field day....uggh.

Metro North is a joke. How they consider themselves on time is beyond me. I would like to know how on time is measured. Is it 6 mins per station??What a crock!

6 minutes late is not on time!!