Metro-North Service Restored After Two-Hour Thursday Evening Stoppage

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Passengers at Grand Central Station during the Thursday evening stoppage.
Passengers at Grand Central Station during the Thursday evening stoppage. Photo Credit: Twitter

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - Metro-North announced at 9:45 p.m. Thursday that power has been restored and trains have returned to service with delays following signal issues that stopped trains.

Passengers on the stopped trains were stranded on the rails since about 7:45 p.m., Metro-North said.

Trains were running on all lines -- New Haven (Conn.), Hudson and Harlem -- except on the Danbury (Conn.) branch, it said.

The trains were running on delays and with huge backups in the system.

All trains and services  had been halted after the computer system that controls the trains went down at about 7:45 p.m.

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Comments (5)

There railroad has 6,273 employees, Anders said. Nearly 620 have 30 years on the job. Nearly 500 also are at least 55 years old. While the formula is complicated, that combination of age and experience makes them eligible to retire with full benefits and without penalties, she said.

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What is Metro North doing with the billions of dollars it rakes in every year? Certainly very little of it, if any, is going into upgrading infrastructure. I suspect much of the billions is going into executive salaries and bonuses.

Where is Senator Schumer ? He usually rants and raves - oh, wait this is a government agency.

So true Chris P, so true...this is completely unacceptable as a supposedly sophisticated and viable form of transportation, the lack of transparency astounds me. Why did this happen, and we still don't know the final findings of the deadly derailment, are we even safe on these "premium"rails?

This is AMAZING. This has to be the worst train line in the U. S. Do we not live in New York where this cold weather happens every single year? Have they not invested in equipment that won't fail in low temperatures with the money they are too busy counting from the non-stop ever increasing train fare?