Musical On Chappaqua's Clintons Coming To New York

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A musical about the Clintons will take the stage in New York City in July.
A musical about the Clintons will take the stage in New York City in July. Photo Credit: Contributed by Westchester Community College

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. -- A new musical based on Chappaqua's Hillary and Bill Clinton will premiere at New York City’s New York Musical Theater Festival in July, according to

Two different men play versions of Bill Clinton in the musical. The production was nominated as best new musical at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, said. 

The play will be staged at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater from July 18-25, reported. 

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Comments (6)

New book coming out by the wicked witch. How to be broke and live in Chappaqua for dummies.

Wonder if the Clintons will be getting any royalties? After all, they are "broke" and need the money. :s)

you guys both have tacky, tasteless jokes. i still cant wait to see how sad you both will be when Hilary is the next president I can hear the bitching and moaning now

There is nothing "tacky and tasteless" about the comments made by myself and another. Apparently you don't have a sense of humor when it comes to others making humorous comments about one of your elitist politicians.
And I do take note of your hoping Hillary will decide to run for President. She'd be a terrible grandmother to her daughter's soon to be born prince/princess so it's best to keep her away from the child.

I hear they will be doing the Pink Floyd song "Have a Cigar".

Will the Monica Lewinsky character be seen playing a flute?