Hastings School Board Considers Reynolds Field Options

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A rendering of a possible renovation plan for Hastings' Reynolds Field.
A rendering of a possible renovation plan for Hastings' Reynolds Field. Photo Credit: Hastings Board of Education
An aerial view of the current Reynolds Field facility.
An aerial view of the current Reynolds Field facility. Photo Credit: Hastings Board of Education

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. -- The Hastings-On-Hudson Board of Education is discussing plans for the renovation of the Reynolds Field athletic complex and other capital improvements on two campuses.


What would you like to see done with the Reynolds Field athletic complex?

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What would you like to see done with the Reynolds Field athletic complex?

  • Renovated and repair the existing grass field and four-lane track

  • Re-sod the grass fields, add a new six-lane track and bleachers

  • Install a synthetic, all-sport field and six-lane track (no lights)

  • Install a synthetic, all-sports field, new track, tenns courts and lighting

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A report by the board detailed three outlines for the renovation or complete rebuilding of Reynolds Field, which is used for high school football, tennis and track and field. The facility is also a popular venue for residents who use the four-lane track, which has been closed due to deteriorating and dangerous conditions.

Also, health, safety and other capital improvements on the Hillside Elementary School ($793,000) and Hastings High School and Middle School building ($1.99 million) are estimated at at nearly $3 million.

The Reynolds Field work is expected to range from $830,000 to $3 million depending on the extent of the renovation.

Board President Eileen Baecher said the report on the Reynolds Field renovation is the beginning of a process that will consider a variety of options.

The Reynolds Field renovation plans range in scope and cost from re-sodding the field with grass, new bleachers and relaying a four-lane track ($831,000) to replacing the existing natural grass field with a state-of-the-art all-sport synthetic field complex, new tennis court, new six-lane track, field lighting and new bleachers at a cost between $2 and $3 million.

Archbishop Stepinac High School completed it's $1.9 million synthetic all-sports field renovation last fall. The City of New Rochelle built an all-purpose field with lights for just over $3 million as part of a $10 million renovation project at City Park in 2011,

The school board also proposed that the district consider a 15-year bond to borrow between $3 million and $5 million at current low interest rates of 3.25 percent.

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Comments (3)

Learn to live within your budget and stop over spending with our money.
Get corporate money to pay for it, get donations, but stop asking the overburdened taxpayers in this town to pay for your follies.
I realize that those who vote for this will leave this town as soon as their children graduate, leaving us with the bill. Save the money then spend what you have. Nothing but overspending and waste going on. Combine with other towns to do this and share it if you are going to do it. We already have the highest taxes in the nation and you don't "get it" do you? YOu say it will only cost $20 raise in (town) taxes, but for how many years and times how many people. What a steering poll you set up and I am sure you contacted all the parents and told them to vote for this. What do they care? They will be gone in a few years after graduation. Quit trying to compete and get the students to work hard get good grades and learn to live with what they have.

With a low interest rate near 3.25 percent, a bond to do capital improvements is a good idea. And... a full track and synthetic, all-sports field can be rented to clubs and organizations to help defray the cost long term. Hastings could use a food recreation facility.

Who is going to run this Food recreation center and who is going to advertise and rent the facilities?. Wake up!!!! Really...Wake up to reality....